Corrective Exercise + Post Rehab

20141019Ray-0156“You can’t get where you want to go without first knowing where you are.” As the owner of Movement Based Training, Ray appreciates the importance of first establishing a client’s functional movement base line. He does this by conducting a comprehensive performance evaluation prior to initiating a fitness program. Through a combination of specific movement screens and a thorough kinetic chain assessment Ray is capable of identifying functional limitations and specific imbalances and weaknesses. Ray is a firm believer that this information is critical to have in order to design a customized fitness program that can not only target weaknesses but also track progress and include corrective exercises that restore movement patterns.


ATHLETES - Do you get bumped or knocked off the puck or ball too easily?

Functional, anti-rotation core training may be what you’re missing!

Doing side planks and front planks are great BUT...

Unless you are laying down during your sport or game, GET UP ON YOUR FEET when you’re training your core!

Here at MBT, athletes get personalized programs specific to THEIR sport, position, and weaknesses.
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