Small Group/Partner Training

team training excerciseLooking for an alternative to 1-on-1 personal training? Small group/partner training can offer an enhanced social, motivating and team setting while minimizing the cost associated with training.

SMALL GROUP/SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING is comprised of anywhere from 3 to 6 members and can be designed to target overall fitness goals as well as individualized needs.

PARTNER TRAINING has the ability to customize training to specific goals and athletes’ specific sports.

Whether you are looking to partner up with a teammate or working towards your fitness goals with a family member or friend, small group training is the best way to leverage expertise while balancing cost.


ATHLETES - Do you get bumped or knocked off the puck or ball too easily?

Functional, anti-rotation core training may be what you’re missing!

Doing side planks and front planks are great BUT...

Unless you are laying down during your sport or game, GET UP ON YOUR FEET when you’re training your core!

Here at MBT, athletes get personalized programs specific to THEIR sport, position, and weaknesses.
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