Sport Performance Training

Sports Performance Training for students and athletesAs a respected strength and conditioning coach Ray trains athletes of all ages and skill levels ranging from collegiate athletes to high school athletes and middle school students looking for a competitive edge.

As the owner of Movement Based Training and certified strength and conditioning coach, Ray is a firm believer that Sport is Movement.  He believes strength, speed, power, and agility are among the most valuable traits an athlete can possess.

Ray realizes that all strength and functionality must be relative to an athlete’s sport. His programs are designed to improve performance by building strength and power. His programs also identify areas of weakness and instability to help decrease the potential for injury.

“Athletes must train to become stronger and more explosive and this strength and power must be properly applied to an athlete’s relative sport.” A good training program must consist of orthopedically sound movement that maximizes performance while minimizing injury in an athlete’s respective sport.


ATHLETES - Do you get bumped or knocked off the puck or ball too easily?

Functional, anti-rotation core training may be what you’re missing!

Doing side planks and front planks are great BUT...

Unless you are laying down during your sport or game, GET UP ON YOUR FEET when you’re training your core!

Here at MBT, athletes get personalized programs specific to THEIR sport, position, and weaknesses.
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