“Ray, by far, is one of the more forward-thinking movement specialists and strength and conditioning coaches in the area. He is constantly trying to improve himself in order to improve the health and wellness of his clients. Whether you want to put 100lbs on your deadlift, look good, or start moving and feeling better, Ray is the guy for you!”

— Andrew Millet, Clinic Manager and Physical & Therapist

“I started working with him Ray last winter specifically to improve my golf swing. I wanted to improve my power and flexibility and knew he was certified through the Titleist Performance Institute. He took the time to learn my strengths and weaknesses and tailored a unique program to help me. This past season I added 10-15 yards on all my clubs thanks to the exercises he gave me.

Recently, I learned of my need for a total knee replacement. Ray has been most helpful in preparing my leg for the surgery, conferring with my physical therapist for specific needs and will have a rehab program for me when ready. He is meticulous during one on one time to make sure you know why you are doing each exercise and that they are done with proper form to ensure the best results. Quality of work over quantity is paramount.”

— Val Hughes, retired teacher at Natick Public Schools

“Since training with Ray, my athletic performance has been on an upward track at an age when I was concerned a downward trend was inevitable. The education I have received has been invaluable, not only with regards to strength training, but also with respect to proper recovery for avoiding injuries and maximizing performance. Ray’s passion for the field is evident in his eagerness to discuss new topics and discuss my current obstacles anytime I happen to run into him. Having Ray create a personalized strength training program for me was truly a turning point in my life. Thanks in large part to Ray, I am at the fittest I have ever been and see this as only the beginning, with many, many more athletic years ahead of me for snowboarding, golf, yoga, biking, ice hockey, and any other new sport I decide to try.”

— Sheryl McDowell Kelley Project Manager and Office Manager at Clinical Assistance Programs

“My name is Tyler Hatton and for the past three years I have had the opportunity to call Ray McCarthy my strength coach. The reason I call him my strength coach is because that is exactly what he is, a coach. He is hands-down the most knowledgeable person in the business that I know.

Ray uses a program known as MBT (Movement Based Training)- a program designed solely around how a person’s body moves. His goal is to get a persons body moving correctly before adding strength and power to their routine- to not just train but to train smart. He trains a number of my friends who are extremely competitive hockey, soccer, and lacrosse players and truly understands how to build a workout for a specific sport- the right way.

Needless to say my golf swing has directly improved because my work with Ray. My club head speed (the easiest measure of speed and power for a golfer) has gone up 7-10 mph (a lot). The relationship I have built with Ray has been something that we will always share not only as player-coach but as somebody I would consider a mentor. He has my highest possible recommendation as a strength coach for any athlete who is looking to improve their game the right way. If I can be of any further assistance or answer any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

— Tyler Hatton, Highschool Athlete

“I have nothing but the utmost praise in regards to training with Ray. What sets Ray apart from other personal trainers? An unbridled passion for what he does and a total commitment to individualized training programs. I approached Ray inquiring about functional movement and golf training what I received was so much more. After identifying my weaknesses, Ray provided me with a program designed specifically addressing these deficiencies. Since being introduced to Ray’s training philosophies, my mobility, flexibility, and strength have improved dramatically. The adjustments Ray has made to my training regimen have not only improved my golf game but provided me with an overall sense of body awareness which has resulted in me moving and feeling better.”

— Mark Rose, D.P.M Orthopedics New England

“Ray is a man who has a passion for helping people improve themselves. In addition, Ray has a passion for improving himself. Ray is on a constant search for knowledge with one goal, helping his clients and athletes.”

— Mike Boyle, Foremost expert in the field of Strength and Conditioning

“I’ve known Ray for several years, watching him train his clients and also crossing paths with him at sports medicine symposiums.  He is dedicated to continuing his education and understanding new training methods, and as a result is one of the few trainers I know with whom I can have a clinical conversation.”

— Dr. Scott Gillman, Chiropractic Sports Medicine

“I enjoy my time training with Ray for many reasons. It not only sharpens me physically but it sharpens me mentally. Ray is a true teacher, he not only trains me but he educates me so that I understand what we are doing and why. In any good athlete, there always has to be a method for the madness and with Ray, he continues to help me learn and keep improving that method. Ray continues to grow himself and his knowledge so that he can be ever progressing in our time together and that is a true quality of a good coach. Most importantly Ray listens to me. He listens to what I say, my needs, my likes, and dislikes and bases things we do in training off that information. That is a quality of a great coach.”

— Danny O’Connor, Professional Boxer

“As a golf instructor, it is important for me to have someone who can help my players improve their body to get the results they want in their game. Ray McCarthy is by far the best in the area. His knowledge of functional human movement and techniques used to improve a player’s movement are on the cutting edge of exercise science while being fun and engaging. Ray’s coaching helps lay the groundwork for a player to forge new movement patterns allowing them to improve their game in ways they could never dream of before.”

— Graham Cunningham, TPI Certified

“I am captain of both the lacrosse and football team at the Rivers School in Weston. Next year I will be playing division 1 lacrosse (midfielder) at the University of Richmond. This summer I was looking for someone to work with to build strength, speed, and to help prevent against injury. I chose to work with Ray, because everyone I spoke with at Golds and said he was the best. He truly is. I only was able to spend a month and a half with him (mid July through August), but during my time working with him I made tremendous gains. I was able to gain 7 pounds of muscle in this short time, and I now feel stronger and faster than ever.”

— McCaffrey R.

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