“I am captain of both the lacrosse and football team at the Rivers School in Weston. Next year I will be playing division 1 lacrosse (midfielder) at the University of Richmond. This summer I was looking for someone to work with to build strength, speed, and to help prevent against injury. I chose to work with Ray, because everyone I spoke with at Gold\u2019s said he was the best. He truly is. I only was able to spend a month and a half with him (mid July through August), but during my time working with him I made tremendous gains. I was able to gain 7 pounds of muscle in this short time, and I now feel stronger and faster than ever.”

— McCaffrey R.

“Ray – Has impressed me from day 1 and continues to elevate his game throughout his career. He is extremely well rounded in his training from mobility and mastery of basic patterns which is a major element people and trainers miss in their program to high level wellness and performance for individuals young and athletic to those looking to move and feel better. If you want to get results and learn from one of the best I have met in the field with no BS then get to Ray. You will immediately notice a difference between him and any other trainer you have ever worked with. Ray’s knowledge, experience, and results put him way above the majority in our field. Take advantage if you can.”

— Eric Dannenberg

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