Ray’s Training Philosophy

Everyday when I wake up I ask myself, “What can I do to better myself and those around me?”  Inevitably, the answer is to practice and share the gift of mindful movement. A longtime passion and career in the fitness industry has allowed me to cultivate a profound understanding and appreciation of moving well. As a result, I have come to view training as a gift…. an incredible opportunity to create meaningful, indelible change in people.

My coaching and personal training techniques are rooted in the very principles I commit myself to everyday. I’ve grown to understand that my body is a vehicle designed to withstand a lifetime of complex and diverse movement. Years of experience has enabled me to foster the ability to see life as a journey, not a destination and I always favor the path I chose to take over the destination.

Just as I do, I want each and every client to savor the experience, respect the process, and embrace the change their bodies are capable of making at any age. I believe that training and coaching are a partnership focusing on personal growth and awareness as well as longevity.

Strength training should set the stage for substantial personal growth and the underlying intention is to create awareness and confidence. Solid fitness and sound movement doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that requires dedication, patience, mindfulness, and awareness of one’s own body. It should be a connection, not a competition. I am forever passionate about helping others discover their true potential. It is my philosophy and intention to share the tools and methods I utilize in hopes of creating a healthier, happier, better moving you.


ATHLETES - Do you get bumped or knocked off the puck or ball too easily?

Functional, anti-rotation core training may be what you’re missing!

Doing side planks and front planks are great BUT...

Unless you are laying down during your sport or game, GET UP ON YOUR FEET when you’re training your core!

Here at MBT, athletes get personalized programs specific to THEIR sport, position, and weaknesses.

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