This is the standing philosophy behind Ray McCarthy’s approach to personal training. As a certified strength and conditioning coach and the owner of Movement Based Training, Ray has proven himself to be a leading authority in the fitness arena within the MetroWest area. Ray possesses a deep understanding of the science of exercise and as a result has proven capable of assisting anyone achieve optimal fitness results.

What sets Ray apart from the vast majority of trainers?

PASSION… Ray’s unbridled passion to hone his craft as a personal trainer is what sets him apart from the rest. Ray is constantly enhancing his knowledge in the art of proper movement, sports performance training, posture, breathing, and injury prevention. Ray’s commitment to training far exceeds the realm of traditional exercise. He is constantly seeking educational opportunities through current, cutting-edge seminars led by elite experts in the fitness industry. No truer words have been spoken about Ray than by personal friend and foremost expert in the field of strength and conditioning, Mike Boyle, “Ray is a man who has a passion for helping people improve themselves. In addition, Ray has a passion for improving himself. Ray is on a constant search for knowledge with one goal, helping his clients and athletes.”

Ray is known and respected for creating and implementing INDIVIDUALIZED training programs designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an elite collegiate athlete, a young upcoming athlete looking for a competitive edge, a stay at home mom, golfer, or an adult interested in fitness training Ray can help you meet your goals.

Such a weird time.⠀

❌ Schools closed⠀

❌ yet Super Markets packed with Parents AND KIDS⠀

❌No Sports ⠀

⭐️ Is this actually a Great Time for SEMI-Private Sports Training for your kid???? ⠀
( I certainly don't know)⠀

But I do know this.⠀

✅ This gym is smaller than most. ⠀

✅ I AM Continuing to train
SMALL GROUP / SEMI-PRIVATE ATHLETE (2-6 kids and normally 4 or less) training in middle of day. When gym quietest.

As well as ONE on ONE training whenever.⠀


✅ the gym is usually dead now anyway. The normally the people in here at this time are mostly retired. And right now that age group is mostly staying away as they probably should.

NOTE: look at video.⠀

Here are a few of the things I am thinking.

✅ This smaller gym with so many less people has to be safer than the grocery store, those huge commercial gyms and even busy coffee shops. ⠀

⚠️ WARNING. ❌❌❌❌. ⠀
- I am neither recommending you have your son/daughter continue to train or start training with me.⠀
- I have some kids and clients cancel.⠀
- I have had just as many ask for more training and even had kids whose sports were cancelled call me.⠀

Not sure. But I am here and I am training. I feel safer here than most places. But again I don't know the right answer.⠀

ALSO NOT SURE - what will happen in weeks to come but again.

PARENTS / STUDENT ATHLETES -over the next few weeks INTERESTED REACH OUT. That goes for 1 on 1. In a quieter less crowded gym.

For now anyway
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