Primal Move

DSC_1219Wanna Play?

Wanna play with movement? Get back to basics with mindful play?

What do I mean by that?  I want my clients to move again, naturally and mindfully as the body is intended to. Freely, without pain in the most basic of movement patterns.

Remember the saying,”You must learn to walk before you run”? Well, you must learn to crawl before you walk and you must learn to roll before you crawl.

These simple patterns lead to creative, playful movements. PRIMAL MOVE offers a bigger picture of movement, yet a simpler one. One that allows you to emotionally connect with movement.

Together let’s create movement centered on nurturing your body, not breaking it down. As a Certified Primal Move Instructor, let me teach you the guiding principles of Primal Move.

Learn more about Primal Movement at their website.


ATHLETES - Do you get bumped or knocked off the puck or ball too easily?

Functional, anti-rotation core training may be what you’re missing!

Doing side planks and front planks are great BUT...

Unless you are laying down during your sport or game, GET UP ON YOUR FEET when you’re training your core!

Here at MBT, athletes get personalized programs specific to THEIR sport, position, and weaknesses.
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